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   S&W Pear Halves, #10 can
item 192304
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   Kirkland Signature Pecan Halves, 2 lbs
item 203444
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   Office Impressions Economy Desktop Half Strip Stapler,...
item 116565
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   Producers Low Fat Buttermilk, half gallon
item 9002
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   Swingline Premium Half Strip Staples, 5000 ct (SWI35440)
item 630467
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   Darigold Chocolate Milk, half gallon
item 246714
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   Producers Half & Half, half gallon
item 35975
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   Crestware Aluminum Half Size Baking Sheet Pan, 18"W x...
item 427668
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   Producers Heavy Whipping Cream, half gallon
item 26545
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   Update Notched Half-Size Steam Table Pan Cover, 12-3/4"L...
item 147811
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   Land O'Lakes Mini Moo's Half & Half Singles Coffee...
item 516452
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   Crestware Half-Size Poly-Carb Food Pan, 12-13/16"L x...
item 26912
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   Update Half-Size Steam Table Pan, 12-3/4"L x 10-3/8"W x...
item 32407
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   Swingline SmartTouch Half Strip Stapler, 1-5/8" Depth,...
item 860875
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   Producers Half & Half, 3/8 oz cup, 400 ct
item 6200
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   Arizona Half & Half, Iced Tea & Mango, 23 oz, 24 ct
item 528968
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   Durable Packaging Half-Size Aluminum Foil Lid, 13"L x...
item 588408
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   Durable Packaging Half Size Deep Aluminum Foil Steam...
item 595832
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   Durable Packaging Half Size Shallow Aluminum Foil Steam...
item 649475
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   Lifetime Polyethylene Fold-In-Half, 72"L x 30"W x 29"H,...
item 726351
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